Fact: The Pacer Nation and all our chapters are completely free to all participants.

Related fact: Running clubs are not free to operate.

It is part of our DNA to keep all Pacer chapters available to everyone; therefore, we require no membership fees.

However, we do incur operational and marketing expenses from time-to-time and need to fund them with real money. No one is ever required to donate, but everyone is encouraged to share something that is comfortable and meaningful to them.

You can donate by kicking in funds to our Pacer Nation Green Can or visiting anyone of our chapters and click “donate”.

100% of your donation goes directly to club operating expenses. Plus, we’ve learned how to do things on the cheap over the years so we make every dollar stretch.

Short on cash? You can still help the Pacer Nation by spreading the word of our mission, joining us on a run, providing some post-run nutrients for the club, or being a friend to someone around you.

Be kind. Be friendly. Be a true Pacer.


Go. Run. Do good.

The Pasadena Pacers is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, charitable organization and donations are tax deductible.