Q: How do I join the Pacers?
You show up. Really. We’re not into making running hard. It’s free. We’ve got training programs and experienced coaches ready to help regardless of running ability (or lack thereof). So, show up with running shoes, a bottle of water, and the belief that this is going to be awesome (because it is), and we’ll get you going.

Q: Who are you guys?
Welcome to the Pacers! We are a part of the Pacer Nation. We like to run, socialize, and believe in health and happiness for all (so that means no cost to join).

Q: What is the Azusa Pacers fundraising policy?
We love that you are giving back—especially through running. However, we do not endorse any fundraising with the Pacers, nor do we support any endeavors to recruit our runners for fundraising teams.

You see, adding fundraising would change the culture of the Pacers. We would have to decide who and what cause is worthy of support. We don’t think we can or should do that.

We would love to have you and your team join us for the training aspects of your program. We offer your team the same free training programs and stress-free environment we offer everyone and welcome you to the Club.