The Pacer Nation is pleased to announce the start of two new clubs: Salt Lake City, UT and South Orange County (OC), CA. These clubs are started by Pasadena Pacers members who have moved away and decided they just had to bring Pacer love to their new communities. The Salt Lake City Chapter founder John… more
By Dr. Steve Smith, Pacer Nation Founder and Team Doc Runners talk about their shoes with great enthusiasm and I often overhear, “My shoes are the best ever! You should try a pair of these!” The question is: what is the best shoe for you? To get at this answer we need to look at… more
By Dr. Steve Smith, Pacers Founder and Team Doc As exciting news rarely stays quiet for long, you may have already heard there will be a new Pacer chapter in Whittier, CA! The Pacer Nation welcomes our new chapter and we are so excited to watch it grow. As Pacers, we want to serve more… more
By Dr. Steve Smith, Pacers Founder and Team Doc Abdominal strength has a real and immediate effect on your running gait, and the faster you go, the more your abdominal muscles participate in your gait. Many running injuries can be traced back to weak core muscles that result in poor running biomechanics. If you are looking… more
By Dr. Steve Smith, Pasadena Pacer Founder and Team Doc We live in southern California where hot days are a fact of life. As such, it’s important we discuss some tips to keep you safe, healthy, and running. Run Early. If you are going long, go early. If you are training for a marathon and… more
By Dr. Steve Smith, Pacers Founder and Team Doc There are some people who can bend life to their own will. They can shape the universe to their own liking and they have the ability to shape your life as well. There have been many such people, these life-benders. You don’t have to look very… more
By Dr. Steve Smith “I have a pain in my knee, what should I do?” I overheard a runner ask his friend last week. I listened, mostly to see what kind of advice would be given, thinking the friend might be a physical therapist or a doctor. This could be good; I might pick up… more
If you have been a runner for any length of time at all, then you have no doubt heard of “Illiotibial band” or “IT band” syndrome. If you haven’t had it yet, then you probably know someone who has. Of the five most common running injuries, Illiotibial band syndrome ranks number one. This problem is… more
Runners Knee is when you feel pain in the patellar tendon, which is highlighted in the anatomy illustration below. It is usually located in the medial part of the  tendon. Weak quad muscles (Vastus Medialis) is the cause. Runners Knee Protocol: 1.You can try a patellar Strap 2. You can use the elliptical trainer, bike… more
Q: My big toe on the right foot is having this weird tingling pain. Does anyone has the same problem? What should I do to address it? A: This is a common problem and the solution for it is surprisingly simple. There is a nerve that runs over the top of the instep of your… more