Health Tip: Runner’s Knee

Runners Knee is when you feel pain in the patellar tendon, which is highlighted in the anatomy illustration below. It is usually located in the medial part of the  tendon. Weak quad muscles (Vastus Medialis) is the cause.
Runners Knee Protocol:
1.You can try a patellar StrapRunner's Knee
2. You can use the elliptical trainer, bike or aqua jog for your mid week runs
3.Tape applied to the knee
4.Change your gait to avoid bending the knee and never allow your knee to bend forward of your toes
5.Ultrasound and electric muscle stimulation
7. Avoid hills
8. Do knee exercises 10  reps 2 times per day
– 3 point touch
– Crab walk with Theraband
– Step ups
– Donkey Kicks
– 4 way cross
9.Ice Bath after the long  runs, cold bath and add 10  pounds of ice and immerse the lower half of your body in the ice bath for 10 to 15  minute