Health Tip: Injury Treatment Protocol – Piriformis

1. Piriformis stretch
2. Ice 20 minutes
3. Ultrasound and interferrential muscle stimulation in office 3 times
4. After the acute pain has abated you can use a foam roller on your hip
5. Avoid road camber
6. Rest: No vigorous walking (hills) until pain is resolved
7. Kinesio tape (if need be)
8. Clam shell exercise
9. 3 point touch exercise
10. Heel lifts, both shoes 3/8 inch
11. Long car rides are a problem with pirirformis syndrome. If you have the option to drive a car that has more upright seats, such a van or SUV then use it. Having someone else drive allows you to re-position frequently, to avoid putting pressure on your sore hip