About Us

Welcome! We’re part of Pacer Nation, a group of free, supportive running clubs looking to raise the health and spirits of our communities. Oh, and we run, too.

The Thousand Oaks Pacers running club was founded at the end of 2014 by Dr. Rich Cimadoro, an avid runner, Crossfit endurance coach, athlete, and injury and rehab specialist.  But the Pacers as a running group started more than 20 years ago.  Dr. Steve Smith, a longtime runner, founded the Pasadena Pacers, the oldest running club in all of San Gabriel Valley.  The success of that club inspired us, along with kind encouragement from his wife Robin, to create an affiliate club in our own Conejo Valley.

While the Pacers began as a fitness initiative, we quickly realized how much people appreciate the social benefits of a club.  Simply put, we are a group of people from different backgrounds who are drawn together by running.  Think about it; when you leave your car wearing only your running gear, you shed the trappings that identify you with your “normal” life.  In other words, the boundaries that can separate you from your fellow man are removed, creating a non-threatening environment where it is easy to get to know others.  Many people who run with the Pacers make the comment, “This is the friendliest group of people!”  And they are correct.

We hope to see you on our next run.