2021 Los Angeles Marathon Training

We get you to the start. We cheer for you at the finish.

This year, things are different (thanks, COVID). Our program will be virtual and still packed with Pacer love. Some things to know about the Pasadena Pacer 2021 Los Angeles Marathon Training Program:

  1. We are an official training partner of the Los Angeles img_2393Marathon. Yep, we’re certified and bonafide as such.
  2. Our training program is entirely FREE. Always has been, always will be. No cost, no how.
  3. The program can help newbies, experienced runners, and those somewhere in the middle. Never run? We got you. Run like the wind and want to get a new PR? We still got you.
  4. We offer camaraderie with our training. We have pace groups for the following times: 9 min10 min11 min12 min13 min, and 14 min. Groups 9-11 run the entire time; groups 12-14 use the 5:1 run/walk method (run five minutes, walk one). Each Pace Group has their own Facebook group to keep you informed about runs and encourage you along the way. (You have to click your pace to request access to join the group. Keeps things cozy.) 
  5. Loads of opportunities to run. Since there are no physical meet ups—you can run whenever your heart desires and wherever your feet take you. (You can also check out our Strava routes from some ideas.)
  6. Rumor has it we’re a friendly bunch. One of the friendliest in town, actually.
  7. You just have to sign up and show up (virtually, natch). We require no fees, no nothing. You can even opt-in to our Marathon Training newsletter when you register. Then show up at to your (solo) run with running shoes, a water bottle, and high hopes.
  8. We’ve been doing this for more than 20 years. We’ve helped gobs of runners and we never, ever, ever lose that shiny, happy feeling we get when one of our own crosses that finish line.

Interested? Here’s the training program.

Still want to know more? Find all more of the Pasadena Pacer who, where, and how on our FAQ page.