Training Programs

Pasadena Pacer Coaches (Photo credit: Sabrina Weisz)
Pacer Coaches
(Photo credit: Sabrina Weisz)

Check out our training programs to find the right one for you. (And there is one right for you. We promise.)

10-Mile Challenge
Half Marathon
20-Mile Challenge
Trail Runners

Walkers, Pre-Conditioners , and 10 Mile Challenge Training Program Participants:

  • If you are following a training program, please send an email to [email protected], so the coaches can communicate with you (e.g., send emails, share training information, schedule Zoom session).  Please include your name, email, and program name in the email.

Trail Runners, Half Marathon, Marathon, and 20 Mile Challenge Training Groups:

  • If you plan to run a race that does not have a training schedule posted on our website, please send an email (with the race date and distance) to [email protected] to request a recommended training schedule.
  • Starting to plan for Los Angeles Marathon? Here’s the current training information and plan.