COVID Waiver May 1, 2021

Dress Rehearsal Runners, click here to read our Running During COVID information. Please give any feedback to Micheal at [email protected].

Thanks for running with us today! This waiver is different than our registration page, which is needed for communication and insurance purposes. The COVID waiver below is a statement of current safety protocols and confirmation of pod attendance for contact tracing. Each runner will be required to read and sign before each Saturday run until COVID protocols are lifted.

Please follow our COVID protocols. Any infringement of protocols could result in you being asked to leave the run immediately. As a reminder, the Pasadena Pacers is a free running club and staffed completely by volunteers. Further Pasadena Pacer COVID information found here.

  1. Runners will not attend group runs if showing signs/symptoms of COVID-19.
  2. All runners will wear a face covering when in group settings.  Fully-vaccinated runners can run without a mask. Non-vaccinated runners must wear a face covering when running.
  3. Runners will run no more than two-by-two.
  4. Pods will be groups of eight (8) runners. If more than eight runners show up to a pace/group run, the group will be divided and sent out separately from each other.
  5. All Pacers will leave the area after their run. Congregating in large groups is not allowed.
  6. All runners will follow all traffic laws.
  7. All Pacers are to understand we are members of a community-at-large and our behavior—positive or negative—can reflect on the group as a whole.