Q: How do I join the Pacers?
You just show up. Just join us on Saturday mornings at 7:00am. We will place you with the correct training group and you set off to run/walk your miles. It’s that simple.

Q: Who are you guys?
Welcome to the Whittier Pacers! We are a part of the Pacer Nation. We like to run, socialize, and we believe in health and happiness for all.

Q: What’s the price to join?
FREE!!! FREE!!! and FREE!!!

Q: I’m slow. Will that be a problem?
Absolutely NOT! We have a running buddy for you. We have a training group for you. Our motto is “No one left behind”. And truly, there’s no such thing as “slow”. You are moving and that’s all that matters.

Q: How many miles are you running on Saturday?
We have different mileage for each group, depending on what you’re training for. Speak to your coach for route and details, including turnaround points and water support locations.