As a free running club, we count on volunteers to help us run smoothly. For those of you who aren’t familiar with how the Whittier Pacers operate, here are a few ways you can volunteer. img_9667

Volunteer: As a volunteer, you can bring water or post-run snacks to any meetup. Post-run snacks can be items such as juice, fruit and snack bars. When the need to refill our stash comes up, we will let everyone know by way of a social media post. Another way you can volunteer is to man a mobile water station on our occasional 18+ mile runs.

Cheer: An absolutely fun way to volunteer is to join us at one of our infamous cheer stations.  We get to support our runners in all their glory! If you’ve ever received a high-5 while running, you’ve felt the positive energy that love exudes. But you should really give being on the opposite end of that high-5 a chance to experience a whole new level of  a “runners high”.

Donate:  The Whittier Pacers are free. That means, there are no membership fees. But as a growing running club, we do incur expenses such as insurance, club tent, flyers and other marketing expenses.  In case you’re wondering, our leadership and coaches are all volunteers and do not get paid. So if you have a couple of bucks on any given meet-up, drop them into our Red Box. We truly appreciate it.


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