Introducing #PacersGiveBack! The #PacersGiveBack program will allow the Pasadena Pacers various opportunities throughout the year to give back to our local community and the larger running community through volunteerism by way of sharing our time and our resources. Participation in the program is strictly voluntary and is not required. Our first #PacersGiveBack event will run… more
Did we tell you red looks good on you? ‘Cause it does. It totally does. Show your Pacer love by suiting up in Pasadena Pacer swag. We’ve got our friends at Run With Us coming out to our Saturday Morning long run on Saturday, September 25th at 7am. They will be sizing us for Jackets… more
  New runners can get overwhelmed with the amount of available running gear and often don’t know where to start. Consider this your start line. For your very first run, just about any gear will do. But as you make this a regular thing, you’re going to want to be as comfortable as possible. This… more
Our local running store, Run With Us, has been severely impacted by COVID-19. Although most runners believe that running stores are an “essential business”,  the government does not agree and running stores can not be open to the public now. Run With Us, is a great supporter of Pacers — please help support them now.  For… more