#PacersGiveBack 2022: Supporting the Run With Us Used Shoe Drive

Introducing #PacersGiveBack! The #PacersGiveBack program will allow the Pasadena Pacers various opportunities throughout the year to give back to our local community and the larger running community through volunteerism by way of sharing our time and our resources. Participation in the program is strictly voluntary and is not required.

Our first #PacersGiveBack event will run from Saturday, November 19 to Saturday, Saturday November 26, 2022. We will be collecting used athletic shoes on each of the two Saturdays to support the Used Shoe Drive coordinated by Run With Us. Shoes will be collected at Garfield Park on Saturday, November 19 and at the Rose Bowl Aquatic Center on Saturday, November 26. Donated shoes will be delivered to Run With Us on Monday, November 28. All donations collected will help to raise funds for a local high school.

Please contact Ben or Jan with any questions and to donate your shoes on Saturday, November 19 or Saturday, November 26. We will have a signup sheet available for you to fill out with your name and the number of pairs of shoes you are donating. This will make you eligible for a free gift in addition to a 15% discount on any purchase made at Run With Us on Tuesday, November 28. Shoes may also be donated directly at Run With Us on Monday, November 28. Please see the flyer below for more details.