Meet Jose Valenzuela, Half Marathon Coach

With a true Pacer heart, fun energy and big smile, Pacer Jose has joined our coaching staff as our new Half Marathon Coach. Jose is one of our most giving Pacers that encourages our fellow runners, and walkers, to stay committed and have fun while training to reach their running goals. He has run several marathons, half marathons, a few 10K’s and various 5K’s throughout his running career. He has previously taken on the role of a pace group leader, route designer, and has also filled in for our President on occasions. Coach Jose is excited to lead our half marathoners in their training and is looking forward to celebrating the many finish lines to come in your journey. We’ve asked him to answer a few questions to help us all get to know him a little better. Check it out.

How long have you been running with the Whittier Pacers and why did you decide to join our awesome club?

2 1/2 years. The Pacers being in Whittier, well that was a big plus. I knew I needed to run with a group who would help motivate me and improve my times. Running by myself was hard at times and I didn’t feel motivated to push myself like I have with this awesome group.

What keeps you coming back to the Pacers?

The positivity of this group and constant cheering when finishing a run. Plus the Friendships I’ve created since day one; you become a family.

Tell us what you’re most looking forward to as our new Half Marathon Coach.

Helping others achieve their goals and help make them a better runner. To remove those doubts of ever thinking they couldn’t do it and hear them say, “I DID IT!”

Share one of your favorite Pacer moments.

I have so many but helping pace a fellow pacer on their first ever Marathon and actually crush their goal time by 6 mins. It wasn’t only an accomplishment for them but also for me because I knew that I enjoyed helping others achieve their goals.

What do you think is one of the best things about the Whittier Pacers?

Everyone is so welcoming and encouraging, you never feel like you aren’t good or fast enough.

Share with us why you think people should join us to train for their next race.

You won’t regret it. You have an awesome group of coaches that are so encouraging and helpful that you will want to train for the next race after you complete one with us. And the plus side, running with us is FREE!

Tell us something we don’t know about you.

I do ride a motorcycle and often would ride on the racetrack.

What are your hobbies or interests when not running?

It used to be riding my motorcycle, but now I just stick to cycling when I’m not running or I try to travel as much as possible.

Speed Round

*Hometown: Whittier

*Favorite Sports Team: Detroit Lions/LA Dodgers

*Longest distance: Marathon but Strava says 26.76 miles. lol

*Average pace: 8:30

*Favorite running shoe: New Balance 1080

*Favorite post run meal: Carne Asada

*Next race: Rock n’ Roll Seattle Half Marathon

*Running Mantra: Set your mind to something and it will be achieved.