A Message from our Outgoing President

Thank you for the wonderful drive-by car parade, heartfelt outgoing video, and hundreds of kind messages over the past few weeks. I appreciate the admiration but enough about me — now it’s time for me to thank my terrific leadership team, our amazing coaches and pace leaders, all the volunteers, and every walker and runner for your continued support and boundless enthusiasm. The Pasadena Pacers would not be what they are today without you. THANK YOU!!!

Being president (and vice president) of the Pasadena Pacers was such a rewarding opportunity for me. It was a great  feeling to know that I was helping to lead a club whose mission is to help raise the health and spirits of the community. I love that I got to know so many of you better and had the chance to meet people that I didn’t know before — you’re an amazing group of people.

My favorite day of the week was Saturday because I got hang out with Pacers. I enjoyed seeing you grow as Pacers and accomplish your goals (e.g., showing up on Saturdays or mid-week runs, graduating from a training program, completing your first race, or setting a personal record or qualifying for Boston). Seeing you make new friendships, watching you increase your distance and/or speed, seeing runners pick up other runners when they were down (both physically or emotionally), having new runners show up in Pacers gear after only attending one or two meetups, observing coaches and pace leaders growing into or within their roles, and seeing Pacers enjoying themselves at our post-run refreshment tables,  races, parties or special events, are just a few of my most gratifying memories.

Let’s all congratulate Michael Ramos as he begins his term as the Pasadena Pacers president.  As vice president, Michael was my “right-hand person” and helped the leadership team manage the ins and outs of the club. Michael’s insight, knowledge, and advice have been invaluable to me, our leadership team, and to all Pacers.  He is a terrific guy and I’m so thankful for his ongoing support and true friendship. Thank you Michael for your dedication and unconditional love for the Pacers.

Thanks to all the coaches, pace leaders, water mafia bosses, and the social media team for your hard work and support for the Pacers. You continually do a fantastic job and are often not thanked enough – THANK YOU!!!

We are beginning a very special year for the Pasadena Pacers – it’s our 25th anniversary.  I can never thank Dr. Smith and Robin enough for starting the Pacers running club and for their continued love for the club, expert advice during my presidency, and hard work overseeing the Pacer Nation affiliate clubs.

And of course, thank you to my wonderful husband, Warren. Words can’t express my appreciation for his love and support to both me and the Pacers over the past few years.

Thank you, Pacers for being Pacers. Stay safe, be healthy, and see you virtually until we can meet in groups again. Virtual hugs and kisses to you all.  “Run, you Pacers, run.”