Meet our LA Marathon Pace Leaders: Andres and Micah

Our 2024 LA Marathon training season officially kicked off on Saturday, September 23! Over the last few weeks and months, we have introduced our awesome Pace Leaders. This week, we meet Andres (also our Marathon Coach and Team Doc!) and Micah, our Pace Leaders for our 6/7 Minute Pace Group! Find out why they run and some fun facts that could spark a conversation during your next group run!

Name: Dr. Andres T. De La Cruz, DC
Contact: [email protected]
Which group do you run with? Marathon groups 6/7 and 8
How long have you been with the Pasadena Pacers? Officially, since 2020 but I’ve been helping Doc Smith with the Pacers since 2017
How long have you been coaching the marathon? I’ve been coaching since 2009 but did not start coaching the marathon until 2017. Since 2017, I’ve coached 5 USA Olympics Marathon Trial qualifiers and numerous Boston qualifiers. I have also coached high school Cross Country/Track for 7 years and coached Cal State LA Men’s and Women’s Cross Country/Track teams for 4 years.
Why do you run? I have been running since 2002. That’s over 20 years of running under my belt. I can honestly say that running is now a part of my life. It’s something that just naturally occurs throughout my day and is no longer something that I have to try and “find time for.” Running has brought on so many positive and negative aspects to my life. None that I would change. It has brought on lifelong friendships, great memories, bad memories, frustration, happiness, it has brought out the competitiveness in me to perform better each and every day. It also brought me my lovely wife, Sabrina, who had our wonderful son. Without running, my life would be completely different today. I run because I want to be an inspiration to my son, Myles. I run because it is a stress reliever. I run because it makes me feel strong. I run because it’s just what we do.
Favorite post run snack/meal? I always enjoy a nice breakfast burrito after a nice run. Hanging out with friends while eating this breakfast burrito is an added plus. Oh yeah, you can’t forget the coffee!
Running Mantra:
-It’s just a hill, get over it.
-1 mile at a time
-Drive the knees
Occupation: I am a sports chiropractor, specializing in running injuries and back pain.
Hometown: I was born in Whittier, California and grew up in Norwalk, California.
What do you do for fun? I really enjoy going to brunch with my family and friends after a good run. I love spending time with my wife and son and going on vacations.
Do you have a secret talent? (Please share): No secret talents, but I do love me some dad jokes!
Anything else you’d like your fellow Pacers to know? I am extremely excited to be the Marathon Coach for the Pasadena Pacers. Coaching gives me tremendous joy knowing that I am able to directly influence the lives of many people for the better. I really enjoy watching people succeed and accomplish goals that they never thought were possible for them. The human body is capable of amazing things if you allow it to grow, and if you have the right people around you to support that growth. I am excited to watch each and every one of you grow!

Name: Micah Hoang
Which group do you run with? 6, 7, 8 minute groups
How long have you been with the Pasadena Pacers? A year
How many marathons have you run? 2
Why do you run? I run because it is good for my physical and mental well-being. It keeps me disciplined and motivated to become better, not just as a runner, but in all aspects of life. It has taught me to get out of my comfort zone, and to push myself even when I don’t feel like it. I run to spend more time outdoors and appreciate the natural beauty all around us. I also run because the running community brings together the most amazing people from all different backgrounds and walks of life.
Favorite post run snack/meal? A full bowl and a burrito from Chipotle
Running Mantra: The one who enjoys running will run farther than the one that enjoys the destination
Occupation: Graphic Designer
Hometown: Los Gatos, California
What do you do for fun? Besides running, hiking, bouldering, road tripping.
Do you have a secret talent? (Please share): Talentless