Baby, It’s Cold Outside! Winter Training Best Practices with LAM Ambassador and Half Marathon Coach Ezra

Pacers, you’re all doing great by showing up on Saturdays for our long runs! During the week, I know you don’t want to be running in the dark or in the cold. However, we are training for a marathon in the Spring, which means that our weekday runs are critical for all of us to successfully complete the LA Marathon. We should be running 3 to 4 days a week. Trust me, you will always feel amazing when you complete any of your weekday runs.

Here’s some advice to help you out:

1. Try warmer clothes. Treat yourself to a new running fleece, warm gloves and more.
2. Run with a Pacer buddy or friend. It’s always more fun that way.
3. Plan on a treat after your run. Hot chocolate or coffee after a morning run?
4. Exercise your mental toughness – your “I could do it” muscle, by completing mid-weeks runs.
5. Brag or complain about it. Be honest with your experience, and ask your loved ones and friends to hold you accountable.

Winter training is so much milder for us in Southern California. We are lucky! Get out there and run.

Love you all, and Go Pacers!
Coach Ezra