Big Ol’ LA Marathon Info Post

Pasadena Pacers before the start of the 2017 Los Angeles Marathon
Pasadena Pacers before the start of the 2017 Los Angeles Marathon

It’s 2021 Los Angeles Marathon (LAM) time! We have more than 100 Pasadena Pacers running this year — a new record — and we’re so proud of each and every one of you. Make sure to check out the LAM official webpage for information on the expo, race, and other important details.

20-Mile Cheer Tent Information

20-Mile Cheer Tent Volunteer instructions. Parking, location, and timing details. It’s also not too late to sign up!

Pasadena Pacer Runner Information

Drop Bags
If you want a bag available at mile 20, please bring it to the regular Saturday run before race day (no running for you; you’ll be in rest mode). The bags (a Ziploc bag will do) can include anything you may need except perishable foods. Bags need to be clearly labeled with: full name, phone number, pace group, bib number.

Your drop bag can be picked up the Saturday after the race. So, don’t leave anything that you need after the race or during the week (e.g., cell phone, keys).

Runners do NOT need to leave a drop bag. It’s just a great service that we offer.

Team Photo & Stretches
Meet at 6am near the gear check (see map below for details). We’ll take a group picture and Coach Ezra will lead stretches.


At stretches, you can pick up a back-of-bib sticker with a Pasadena Pacer’s contact info. You may contact this person if you encounter issues along the race route or need to communicate to the 20-Mile Cheer Tent. (If you have an emergency, please call 911.)

20 Mile Cheer Tent
Almost there! Pacer volunteers will meet you before the tent and run you in—be on the lookout for Pacer flags. Once at the tent, take on food, water, and medical help as needed.

Smile—you’re with family now and we’ll make sure you get to the end.

Finish Line
Smile! You did it! (We knew you could!) Tell your family to meet you under the “P” in the family reunion area. You’ll get to see both your family and your Pacer family there.

Victory Breakfast
Keep the celebration going! Sign up for the Victory Breakfast the Saturday after the marathon. Here we revel in your accomplishments, give thanks to the Pace Leaders and 20 Mile Cheer tent crew, and watch a slide show of the adventure. Friends and family welcome.



A PDF of this info is available here (links will not work).


Good luck, Pacers. You got this!