Dave McCarthy, Pre-Conditioner Coach, Steps Down after 13+ Years

The Pasadena Pacers announce Dave McCarthy, our Pre-Conditioner Coach, will retire from coaching at the conclusion of this cycle on Saturday, April 27. We are saddened to see him leave this position, but know it is not goodbye, just a changing of the guard.

Dave has been a long-time champion of runners—all runners. He steadfastly believes that anyone can be a runner. One doesn’t need to be fast, run crazy mileage, or even enter a single race to get the benefits of running nor the community he’s helped build around it.

Over these last 13 years and some change, he’s taken hundreds of runners from the couch to five miles. He has done so with encouragement and his trademark sense of humor.

Dave is, and will continue to be, a Pacer to the core. He will continue to serve on the Pacer Nation Board of Directors, helping build Pacer clubs nationwide.

A new coach will be announced soon. In the meantime, please join us on Saturday as we head to Philippe’s for our annual run and give Dave the proper thanks he deserves.