Getting from Pasadena Half to the Los Angeles Marathon

We facebook-linked_image___image-1know a bunch of our Pasadena Half Marathon runners are going to be looking for the next race, and the Los Angeles Marathon will feel like a natural choice for many. But, can—and should—it be done? We asked Dr. Steve Smith, Pasadena Pacers founder, and Edgar Mejia, our Marathon Coach, what they thought.

Here is their collective answer:

The leap of 13 to 26.2 is major, particularly for newbies to running. To do so in eight weeks is a big ask. However, if you are experienced runners (one marathon in the last 12 months or running more than 15 miles per week) maybe you can integrate into the current training plan—if it feels right to you.

If this doesn’t describe you, don’t fret! Set your sights on the OC Marathon on May 6. Training is already underway: January 27 (week after Pasadena Half) has beginner runners at 10 miles; the following week at 16. As always, all training programs and schedules await you on our website.