Meet our LA Marathon Pace Leaders: Amy and Adrian

Our 2023 LA Marathon training season officially kicked off on Saturday, September 17! Over the next few weeks, we will introduce our awesome LA Marathon Pace Leaders as well as our Marathon Coach. Find out why they run and some fun facts that could spark a conversation during your next group run! This week, we meet Amy and Adrian, our Pace Leaders for our 10 Minute Pace Group!

Name: Amy Passingham
Which group do you run with? Team 10!
How long have you been with the Pasadena Pacers? Since October 2018. I joined a little late for the kickoff of the LAM training, so the group was doing 10 miles that day. That was the longest I had run in almost 3 years and I was hooked on the Pacers camaraderie and post-run refreshments/socializing!
How many marathons have you run? My first marathon was in 1995 at Long Beach. Then I did 6 marathons as part of completing 6 Ironman triathlons. Came back to marathons in 2015, a 20 year hiatus after my first standalone marathon! Since then I’ve done 5, so I guess that adds up to 7 standalone marathons plus 6 Ironman marathons.
Favorite post run snack/meal? Buttered toast
Running Mantra: None
Occupation: Retired from a career on Wall Street in New York
Hometown: Moved to Pasadena in 2018 from Tarrytown, New York
What do you do for fun? Play pickleball
Do you have a secret talent? (Please share): I’m an insanely fast walker! I am (chuckling) the Pasadena Senior Games 5k Rose Bowl Powerwalk course record holder. I wish I had the same talent for running!
Anything else you’d like your fellow Pacers to know? I can eat a lot of pizza after a long run! (I just have to wait until mid-afternoon when I get really hungry).

Name: Adrian Aviles
Which group do you run with?: Team 10
How long have you been with the Pasadena Pacers? 4 years
How many marathons have you run? 6
Why do you run?I really like the structure, discipline and commitment that training for a marathon provides. I enjoy seeing the improvement and experiencing the same journey with other like minded people. During the off season, I run to keep in shape.
Favorite post run snack/meal? Orange juice, bagels and slurpees
Running Mantra: Don’t think about the upcoming run/distance/pace, just get to the starting point and start running!
Occupation: I have a flower shop in Downtown LA 
Hometown: Los Angeles, born and raised.
What do you do for fun? Other than trying to bug my wife, travel whenever possible, independent/foreign films, craft beer
Do you have a secret talent? (Please share): I can make pretty nice flower arrangements in a jiffy.
Anything else you’d like your fellow Pacers to know? I am looking forward to taking this journey of training for the marathon with you all! Cheers!