Meet our LA Marathon Pace Leaders: Erika and Karen

Our 2023 LA Marathon training season officially kicked off on Saturday, September 17! Over the next few weeks, we will introduce our awesome LA Marathon Pace Leaders as well as our Marathon Coach. Find out why they run and some fun facts that could spark a conversation during your next group run! This week, we meet Erika and Karen, our Pace Leaders for our 14 Minute Pace Group!

Name: Erika Hirsch
Which group do you run with?:  Team 14
How long have you been with the Pasadena Pacers? Since 2018
How many marathons have you run? 3, this year I’ll add Honolulu #4 and LAM 2023 #5
Why do you run? I love the feeling of running outside, especially long runs when you get to explore different neighborhoods and environments with friends. I also enjoy the fun energy of races and having different races on my calendar to look forward to.
Favorite post run snack/meal? In-N-Out
Running Mantra: Listen to your body and don’t forget to trim your toenails!
Occupation:  Psychotherapist
Hometown: Tustin, CA
What do you do for fun? Disneyland trips (especially around Halloween and Christmas), true crime books and podcasts, taking my kids to National Parks
Do you have a secret talent? (Please share): I’m a painter and enjoy oil painting and watercolors
Anything else you’d like your fellow Pacers to know?  Don’t underestimate run/walk intervals!

Name:  Karen Law
Which group do you run with?: Team 14!
How long have you been with the Pasadena Pacers? 3 years
How many marathons have you run?: 2
Why do you run?: I run for many reasons – the personal challenge, fitness, and fun! I love being able to prepare my body to do something that is challenging and to be proud of accomplishing it. It also helps keep my A1C numbers low! Lastly (but the most fun reason) I run because I love the people I run with. Team 14 is filled with easy-going and supportive folks that make running and preparing for the challenge so much better.
Favorite post run snack/meal? I tend to go for any of the baked goods at the snack table – so croissants, bagels, cakes, BREAD, and donuts!
Running Mantra: Do this for yourself, have fun!
Occupation: Data Analyst
Hometown: South Pasadena
What do you do for fun?: Run? I like hanging out with my boyfriend and doggy, visiting my parents, baking pies and cookies (occasionally) and making cards!
Do you have a secret talent? (Please share): No secret talent but I do have a very very good sense of smell/taste. But it’s a gift and curse.
Anything else you’d like your fellow Pacers to know? I am so happy that I found this group who has helped me complete a marathon and made it fun. Team 14 has really been the best. I hope I’ll be able to provide that same support this coming season to new and old members alike!