Meet Your Pace Leaders: Support Team, Monica & Ken

Learn more about the Pasadena Pacer’s LA Marathon training program.

pp_lam2018_pacerleaders_sag-1Monica Bobadilla
Support & Gear (SAG)

How long have you been with the Pasadena Pacers? Four years.

How many marathons have you run? Two HOT LAMs.

Why do you run? It brings me joy. It’s me against me. I get to enjoy God’s creations (scenery). It keeps me active and healthy. And I get to spend time with amazing friends and be a part of a world that welcomes everyone regardless of the color of their skin, nationality, spiritual beliefs, political views, or sexual preference. Everyone is welcome into running and I love that!

Favorite post-run snack/meal? My Arbonne protein shake. But, chilaquiles are life!

Running mantra: You are strong enough to get this far, you are strong enough to keep going! ❤

Occupation: Bookkeeper/Accounting Manager

Hometown: Alhambra, CA

What do you do for fun? Spend time with my daughter. Enjoy our puppy ‘The Little Champ’. I love spending time with my family. Love spending time with my friends hiking, dancing, running. I love going to the movies! And a nice weekend getaway is always fun!

Anything else you’d like your fellow Pacers to know? I love helping others whenever and however I can. So excited to be out there helping our marathoners!

pp_lam2018_pacerleader_altpacer-kenKen Mondok
Alternate Pace Leader

How long have you been with the Pasadena Pacers? Four years.

How many marathons have you run? Ran five marathons, three were Ultras. ????

Why do you run? Staying fit and feeling those endorphins. (It’s addicting!) Also, the sense of accomplishment after finishing a long run.

Favorite post-run snack/meal? Massive pasta carbonara.

Running mantra: Don’t forget to breathe. Very important. ???? Feel free to ask me more about this.

Occupation: Mild-mannered municipal employee for the City of Glendale.

Hometown: Lived in Pasadena almost all my life but was born in Agana, Guam.

What do you do for fun? Camping and being outdoorsy with friends.

Do you have a secret talent? Is repairing running shoes with a stapler and duct tape considered a talent?