Pasadena Pacers Named Official Training Partner for Pasadena Half & LAM Marathon

By Dr. Steve Smith, Pasadena Pacer Founder and Team Doc

The Pasadena Pacers continues to be the go-to place to run, train, and make friends! We just signed a partnership agreement with the Conqur Endurance Group, the folks behind the Pasadena Half Marathon and the Skechers Performance Los Angeles Marathon, that will further propel our purpose to “raise the health and spirits of communities.”

The LA Marathon has been our signature event for the last 22 years. During those years, we have trained more than a thousand runners and supported the race with our now famous 20-mile cheer station. LA Marathon, in recognition of the Pacers accomplishments, invited us to be an official training partner to train and support the runners of Los Angeles and Pasadena. We are going to help them by getting more runners ready for the Pasadena Half and LA Marathon; they are going to help us by getting the word out about the Pasadena Pacers. Our outstanding group and their amazing races come together—a perfect pairing indeed.

And that’s not all. We’re getting a VIP pass for our marathon bus, a tent at the finish line for both the Pasadena Half and LA Marathon, and we get first pick for the 20-mile cheer station location so we can show all the runners some love on the course.

Most importantly, our culture will not change—not one tiny bit. We’re still free, still the friendliest, kindest, helpful, welcoming people you can find anywhere on earth. The only difference is we hope to have more amazing people in our mix.

Our 26-week training program for the 2018 LA Marathon starts on Saturday, September 23. Here’s the training program.

Come and train with us and meet me at the starting line on Sunday, March 18, 2018!