Rose Bowl Half Marathon and 5K Helpful Hints

The Rose Bowl Half Marathon and 5K is finally here!!! Let’s get excited. Below are some helpful hints that should make race day easier and less overwhelming.

Please refer to for official bib pickup, race day information (e.g., parking, road closures, other details), etc.

Official Race Bib Pickup and Pacers Wristband Pickup:
Registered runners/walkers can go to any of the pickup locations that are listed in the website. Rose Bowl Stadium and Big 5 Sporting Goods on Colorado are the Pasadena area local pickup locations. Rose Bowl Stadium, Gate D will be open Friday 9 am to 4 pm and Saturday from 9 am to 4 pm.  Big 5 (3719 E Colorado in Pasadena) will be open Saturday 9 am to 4pm.

Pacers can also pick up their wristband for entry into the Rose Bowl Locker Room from Ben Chulaluxsiriboon, our club’s president, Saturday 1/14/23 at the Rose Bowl Aquatics center during the regularly scheduled Saturday long run.  Pacers MUST HAVE A WRISTBAND to enter the Locker Room – Rose Bowl security will be guarding the entry and will require a wristband – another Pacer will NOT be able to let you in.

Please remember that giving (or selling) a bib to another person, wearing another person’s bib, copying or making a counterfeit bib, and/or running in the race without a bib (“bandit”) can lead to disqualification (of both participants) and being banned from future races.

Getting to the Rose Bowl on Race Day:
This year’s race is a complete sell out for every distance (both regular and charity Half Marathon and 5K) so traffic and parking will be more challenged than in recent years when it has not been a sell out.  Please allow yourself plenty of time as traffic to the Rose Bowl on race day has been horrible, so please plan accordingly. Refer to website for road closures, etc.

The race website recommends that all participants be to the Rose Bowl by 6:00 am. To avoid the traffic, we suggest getting to the Rose Bowl much earlier than 6 am, We suggest that participants get to the Rose Bowl early and park (and rest in their car, if it’s really early) and then head to the Locker Room to hang out with other Pacers.

Rose Bowl Locker Room and Pre-Race Photo and Warmups:
The Locker Room will be open by 5:30 am and will stay open until after the race.

Pacer Nation and Friends Group photo is at 6:20.  Dynamic Warm Ups will start at 6:30.  We will head out of the locker room to the Race Corrals by 6:45.  Everyone please wear Pacers red shirts, jackets, and/or gear so we can see you and cheer you on during the race.

Do NOT leave any valuable items (or things you aren’t OK losing) in the Locker Room — Pacers, Rose Bowl, and/or others are NOT responsible for any lost or missing items.

Pacers Water/Cheer Stations:
Pacers and their friends and family will be at the water/cheer stations located at approximately miles 3 and 8.75 on Colorado Blvd. Volunteers are still needed and can find more information and sign up on the race volunteer page.

Volunteer Instructions

Volunteer Parking Pass

Note that Pacers are not responsible for any items left at the Pacers’ water/cheer stations during the race. Runners should give their jackets or other items directly to an accountable friend or family member. Items thrown on the ground at the water/cheer stations will be donated to a local charity.

Post-Race Activities:
After the race, have fun — hang out, find other Pacers, congratulate other runners and walkers, and take photos. Post photos with the hashtag #pasadenapacers and/or #pacerstogether2023. The Locker Room will be open until after all race participants complete the race.

Have fun everyone!