The Start of Los Angeles Marathon Training 2022

Setting a goal and getting started gives you the feeling that everything is going to be all right. Personal goals have a way of putting your life in order, then one goal seems to set you on a path where everything becomes orderly and life comes into alignment. But goals have to be worthy of our efforts.

You have to become a bigger person for the goal to be worth it. How about training for a Marathon?! Now that’s a goal that’ll take you to a whole new level of fitness. The commitment required and the road you’ll travel will get you to a finish line feeling like you just won a gold medal. What a minute, you will get a gold medal! Yep, you get a medal around you neck at the finish line and it looks just like the one from the first place finisher.

The barriers you’ll shatter, lifetime friendships, and the way your life will flow is worth the effort. Talk to anyone who has run a marathon and ask them how their life has benefitted, or ask what has changed for them and you’ll hear incredible stories of breakthroughs, friendships, and fitness.

Any person that comes charging into the future with a solidly declared goal is a person to be reckoned with. Life just gets out of the way, barriers dissolve in your presence. You are mighty! Even if you have run a hundred marathons, you get the same wins at every finish line.

Training for the 2022 LA Marathon begins this coming Saturday, September 18th at Garfield Park. Go get em, Pacer!