The Start of Los Angeles Marathon Training 2023

Setting a goal and telling it to everyone you know is the number one way to keep yourself accountable. It invites your friends and family to continuously ask you how that goal is going and they may even ask you if there is anything they can do to help. Some may even join you in that goal!

Setting a goal of running a marathon is one that can change your life, for the better. Training for a marathon can help you reach a new level of fitness that you never thought was possible. The commitment needed to train for a marathon will transfer over to your other daily activities and make you a more responsible individual. The adversity you will face will make you stronger and the friends you will make will last a lifetime. And the best part…you also get a medal!

Training for a marathon is tough. Running the marathon is also tough. Having a support team makes it easier, not easy, to conquer the task of completing a marathon. The Pasadena Pacers will be there for you to support your goal of completing your first marathon, running a personal best, or qualifying for Boston. We will help you get over the adversity that you may face and get you to that finish one. There is no better feeling than the one you will get when you cross that marathon finish line.

Training for the 2023 LA Marathon begins Saturday, September 17th at Garfield Park. Let’s go, Pacers!

Dr. Andres T. De La Cruz, D.C.
Marathon Coach
Team Doc