The Vice President of the Pasadena Pacers Gina Leon’s Farewell.

Pacer Family! Thank you so much for making my time in Leadership so memorable. You know, covid
aside. All the support we received through the strangest time ever was so appreciated. During
the lockdown, when Michael and I would do our Saturday morning FB Live it was so great to see you all saying
“hi” or giving a thumbs up. We saw you! You were still there!
I can’t tell you how proud I am to have had this opportunity to represent such an amazing group. And
boy did I get lucky having Michael as a partner in all of this! He is the absolute best and has quickly
become one of my favorite people. This group has given me so much (including the best friends EVAH!)
and it has been an honor to give back and I will still see you all every Saturday, rain or shine. Now Run
You Pacers, RUN!