By Dr. Steve Smith, Pacers Founder and Team Doc There is a lot written about the best way to run. I’m talking about gait, form, forefoot vs. rearfoot, vs. midfoot. The question of how best to run pops up all the time. You hear it on the runs, in social media, coffee shops, and… more
It’s going to be hot this weekend and if you are going on a long run, here are a few tips to get you through the day. If you are going long, go early. We like seeing everyone at the tables at 7:00, we are a team, a community, a family. We want everyone to… more
Who is excited for 2019 Pasadena Pacers Victory Party?!?!? As part of the event, we hold an auction to help raise money to keep this club free for runners. This year we have some great prizes – sporting events, police helicopter ride, fire rig tour, restaurants, theaters, museums, running shoes, wine tasting party, brewery tour, and… more
With a smile that helps get you through the tough runs, Cristina will lead our Pre-Conditioners from couch-to-five miles with her cheery enthusiasm. During her time as a Pacer, Cristina has gone on to become a marathoner and dedicated volunteer. Our 2019 LA Marathon runners will know her as half of our “Fuel Fairy” duo,… more
The Pasadena Pacers announce Dave McCarthy, our Pre-Conditioner Coach, will retire from coaching at the conclusion of this cycle on Saturday, April 27. We are saddened to see him leave this position, but know it is not goodbye, just a changing of the guard. Dave has been a long-time champion of runners—all runners. He steadfastly… more
By Dr. Steve Smith, Pasadena Pacer Founder and Team Doc Crossing the finish line is a feeling like no other. Barriers have been breached. You have attempted the impossible, and you did it! You can feel the power of accomplishment and you are looking into the future with a whole new attitude. You know you… more
It’s 2019 Los Angeles Marathon (LAM) time! We’re so proud of each and every one of you. Make sure to check out the LAM official webpage for information on the expo, race, and other important details. 20-Mile Cheer Tent Information 20-Mile Cheer Tent Volunteer instructions. Parking, location, and timing details. It’s also not too late… more
The Pacer Nation is pleased to announce the start of two new clubs: Salt Lake City, UT and South Orange County (OC), CA. These clubs are started by Pasadena Pacers members who have moved away and decided they just had to bring Pacer love to their new communities. The Salt Lake City Chapter founder John… more
Known for his ever-present smile, Steve sticks out as one of the friendliest folks in an already super-friendly crowd. He’s a long-time Pacer and 10-Mile Challenge Assistant Coach now leading runners to double digits. Sometimes referred to as “Safety Steve” for his personal mission to keep runners safe on the roads, Steve always has kind… more
Looking for a ride to the start line of the 2019 Los Angeles Marathon? We got you covered. There will be a shuttle from Del Mar Station to Dodgers Stadium the morning of the LA Marathon on March 24, 2019.  If you’d like to take advantage of this shuttle, you must: Pay in advance HERE Sign… more