Get to know: the Pasadena Pacer 2018 Los Angeles Marathon Pace Team

Learn more about our Los Angeles Marathon training program.

Safe to say that 2018 will be our biggest Los Angeles Marathon (LAM) yet! Since our very first LAM more than 20 years ago, we’ve helped and cheered for thousands of Pasadena Pacers as they trained for and crossed that LAM finish line. But, it takes a big team to pull it all off and we love them all. Here’s your chance to learn more about our coach, pace leaders, and support team.

Some of our amazing 2018 LAM Leaders
Some of our amazing 2018 LAM Leaders

Coach & Support
Coach Edgar
Support Team, Monica & Ken

Pace Leaders
Team 9, Kristina & Michael
Team 10, Natalia & Jen
Team 11, Susan & Keith
Team 12, Norma & Gina
Team 13, Carol & Silva
Team 14, Sandy & Diana